MEDINORM Medizintechnik GmbH

The MEDINORM Medical Technology PLC is a tradition manufacturer
of high value single use medical technology.


MEDINORM Medical Technology PLC is a traditional manufacturer with over 30 years of experience in the development and manufacture of high quality medical products. As a subsidiary company of the high performing Dahlhausen group of companies we have always put “Quality Made in Germany” into practice.

Through consistently high quality standards and continuous optimization and adaptation of our product lines in the market development of single use and special products, we have a place in the top tier of companies World Wide in the field of Medical Technology.

MEDINORM has developed and produced in accordance with the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC. It has also guaranteed for years that the full quality management certificate DIN ISO 13485:2016 ensures that the customer and their consumers and ultimately the patient, can rely on the delivery of products that have been manufactured with the highest quality standards. That means consistently optimal reliability and responsible trading standards have been adhered to.


MEDINORM Medizintechnik GmbH

Product range overview
of our Medical Consumables.


Respiration Accessories

Catheters / Probes

Suction Sets

Wound Drainage




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