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The MEDINORM product lines include many of the products in daily use in hospitals, and are constantly being improved and developed. Beside these standard products we offer our customers within the European Union and World Wide the possibility to modify our products to their requirement or to develop new products. 

Our services in the area of product development include

  • Adaptation of products to the customer’s specification
  • Development of product packaging with the customers branding
  • Implementing customer specific product development

Well known international manufacturers and commercial enterprises such as Dahlhausen and Co, Seidel medipool and van Staten Instruments, Holland, Hangzhou, China regularly trust MEDINORM with their product development.   

A team of experienced technicians is happy to advise you, and to work together with you to develop optimal solutions.

Van Straten
B Braun

MEDINORM Medizintechnik GmbH

MEDINORM Medical Technology – Team player for the Patient


"We are team players and are always pleased to receive new challenges. The product development at MEDINORM is guided by the requirement for progress, performance and precision."

Point of contact for Product Development:

Frank Norden

Phone 06821 - 9 64 78 - 41
Frank Norden


Respiration Accessories

Catheters / Probes

Suction Sets

Wound Drainage




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